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First Words Fast is a revolutionary phonics-based literacy program, with evidence-based proven results, that teaches 2 to 3 times standard expectations for word acquisition plus all foundational literacy skills – and with JOY!

This innovative program was created by Jayne Latty, an elementary school teacher with a knack for integrating language arts with logic, creativity, and fun. (Learn more about Jayne in the Member Spotlight section of this literacy newsletter.) Homeschool and Classroom editions are designed for PreKindergarten through 1st Grade, or any age student behind in skills and needing Intervention. The program is accompanied by The Latty List® - an updated, next generation standard list of Sight Words which are the most commonly used words in language. Mastery of these words is a critical component of learning to read, and The Latty List® reflects a whopping 24% change in the words on the list since the last update almost 50 years ago!

Educators are overwhelmed with complicated systems that don’t work, and they’re applauding these norm-breaking, simple and fun methods that are transforming the way to teach children to read in as few as 20 minutes a day. Research says that simple programs are actually more effective than intensive programs, and First Words Fast received an award for research conducted on the effectiveness of the methods used in its program. The Latty List® Taxonomy Model ensures that children are first equipped with foundational knowledge and then builds to more difficult tasks. This common-sense approach of ensuring mastery of simpler skills first prevents children from “slipping through the cracks” so they can experience success with more difficult material.

Dynamic, interactive lessons with whimsical, child-centered materials capture the hearts of children so we can engage their minds. Lessons begin with a Word Family who shares a common sound (and “related” concepts) that “Moves In” to the Word Family Home for each “Family Unit.” Next, students spend quality “Family Time” practicing and applying what they are learning. Finally, the Word Family “Moves Out” to a ready-made, graphic-organizing Word Wall where their understandings and capabilities expand.

Three grade levels of instruction are included in a unique multi-level lesson plan. Each level reintroduces skills of previous levels and moves at a quicker pace. For example, the full curriculum of the 1st Grade/Intervention level includes skills beginning at the PreKindergarten level. This system ensures that students, even with weak skills, become proficient readers by the end of the program. These leveled layers also offer the flexibility to target children’s literacy needs wherever they may be – as an intervention for a struggling reader or even as enrichment for a child ready to be challenged.

Join the First Words Fast revolution –
Simplify and bring the Joy back to learning!

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