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Embellished Chart Package Homeschool

Red Word Family Home Pocket Chart
 with Custom Roof-Topper

Qty: 1
19" wide x 39" tall

Each Family Unit begins with a new Word Family who “Moves In” to the Word Family Home Pocket Chart because Word Families go together - just like "people families!"

Blue Word Blurb Pocket Chart
Qty: 1
26" wide x 27" tall

The Word Blurb Pocket Chart is utilized as part of the writing component of the Lesson Plans.

Green Word Wall Pocket Chart
 with coordinating Alphabet Strip
 and Number Coordinates
 Custom seams help prevent Word Cards from leaning forward

Qty: 1

55 12" wide x 41 12" tall

At the end of each Family Unit, the Word Family “Moves Out” to the main Word Wall where words are graphically organized to show phonemic associations and meaningful text associations. This helps children learn the words faster as well as how to put them together to create meaning.